The critically acclaimed podcast TRILLOQUY built to decolonize the traditional definitions and conversations surrounding classical music is hosted by Garrett McQueen and Scott Blankenship, and has been called "required listening for industry leaders and listeners alike" by the New York Times.

Credit: TrillWerks

Inspired by the viscerally provocative poem, “Here, Bullet” by Brian Turner, the art song of the same name by composer Kurt Erickson is, among many things, a plea for western classical arts spaces to directly address gun violence. This composition inspired multi-disciplinary artist Will Chase to write a screenplay, which will be the foundation for an upcoming short film. Both Kurt and Will join Garrett (1:02:00) to unpack the inspirations and challenges of this work, along with its context within the framework of “classical” music.

Scott highlights a work by Phillip Glass and cites excerpts from “Stuff White People Like”, Garrett addresses opera’s latest use of blackface, and the guys talk “big steps” in the finale. 

This and more in Op. 157 of the TRILLOQUY podcast!

CLASSICAL MUSIC has been misappropriated as a musical genre and culture rooted in the aesthetics of Western Europe. TRILLOQUY is the weekly podcast built to DECOLONIZE the traditional definitions and conversations...