Sound Off: Music for Bail presents a livestreamed concert beamed live from Broadway Presbyterian Church Friday April 30 at 7 p.m. ET featuring four of New York City’s finest chamber musicians in a program of music by historical and contemporary Black American composers. Violinist Jannina Norpoth, violinist-pianist Gabrielle Chou, violist Jay Julio, and cellist Dara Hankins, each with their own set of musical associations, will share the stage with activist, writer, musician, and Blasian March founder Rohan Zhou-Lee, featured speaker for the evening.

Half of the concert donations will go directly to the Bail Project Rotating Community Bail Fund, and the other half will go toward Sound Off’s musician & speaker fees, graphic design, and more.

Carlos Simon – Warmth from Other Suns
Margaret Bonds – Hold On
Julia Perry – Ye, Who Seek The Truth
Samuel Coleridge-Taylor – Five Fantasiestucke

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About Sound Off: Music for Bail
Inspired by the work of abolitionist leaders such as Dr. Angela Davis, Dr. Cornel West, and Ruth Wilson Gilmore, as well as the rise of organizations such as The Bail Project and the Marshall Project, Sound Off: Music for Bail seeks to break the silence around the prison-industrial complex (the PIC, for short) with an unexpected weapon: Western classical music.