The Texas based nonprofit arts organization, Concertia, is offering a new composer fellowship this spring. Three recipients will be chosen for awards that include cash grants and opportunities to have a performance of a previously unperformed, unpublished work, or the opportunity to have a studio quality recording of a newly commissioned work.

Concertia organizers say they believe these types of performances and recordings offer composers a great portfolio record of their work, but more importantly, they also help emerging composers obtain further opportunities that can propel their careers forward.

The fellowship also includes free workshops and collaborations with Concertia artists and other performers on various topics ranging from professional development, to the state of the industry, to processing trauma through art, and more.

Composers from underrepresented communities are encouraged to apply. Concertia seeks to promote composers for whom the fellowship would present a significant professional opportunity.



1. Composers of any age are welcome to apply.
2. Composers of any nationality and background are eligible, and we especially encourage composers from
backgrounds in underrepresented communities to apply.
3. Composers must be in the early stages of their career; meaning that this would present a significant


1. Submit two to three (2-3) work examples. These can be both notated and non-notated examples.
For notated works, please submit a PDF score and a matching recording. If you do not have a
recording, a MIDI/DAW realization will suffice. Video is allowed. All files must not exceed 100MB.
2. Submit a resume/CV, limited to two pages.
3. Submit links to website/socials
4. Short artistic statement.
5. Submit a $12 fee. If you have extenuating financial circumstance, you may submit a cover letter
detailing these to:

INSTRUMENTATION: You may submit to any or all of the following categories:

1. A work for a trio ensemble (3 players):
a. This work must be for three players, of any instrumentation except piano.
1. A work for duet (2 players):
a. This work must be for two players, of any instrumentation except piano.
1. A work for solo performer.
a. This work must be for a solo performer, of any instrumentation including piano.

Note: If you are submitting a new work for recording purposes, the work must be unrecorded. The work may have been previously performed if it was not a high-profile performance.


For further guidelines, please visit the Concertia website.

About Concertia
Concertia was founded in 2017 by composer/filmmaker J.E. Hernández, artist Lux Martinez, and public servant A.J. Mendoza. The goal was simple: compel audiences through art to engage social causes. The organization is dedicated to Houston artists via a rotating roster of musicians, visual artists, filmmakers, poets et al.